Beginning Hand Lettering

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I have always been interested in the visual representation of words. I created absurd word art for my reports as an elementary school student.

I can recall trying to imitate the tall, thin letters of Erin’s handwriting in middle school.

As a yearbook editor in high school, I found joy in the consistent use of Franklin Gothic Book. I hand-wrote every word in my scrapbooks until I went digital last year. Picking up hand lettering was almost inevitable – it just had to wait until I had the time. (After college, I traveled full-time for a year, worked full-time while in graduate school, met my husband and planned a wedding, went back for more graduate school, and moved… without a break. I finally have time for true hobbies now, and I love it!)

dan and noomi.pngMy mother-in-law gave me this great practice book for Christmas, along with an awesome assortment of purple pens (my favorite even before I was employed by Texas Christian University) and a hand lettering kit from the Wildflower Art Studio – a DFW local. We were in El Paso right after Christmas and I knew we would see some friends who were recently engaged, and whose shower we could not attend. They were destined to be the recipients of my first hand lettered card!

I used the font from the practice book and vamped with the ampersand and diamond. For the ink, I used a sparkly purple gelly roll pen. [These were the coolest pens in my late elementary school years. I had quite the collection, for which I developed a record-keeping system that tracked my gel pen inventory and the people to whom I loaned them.]

In case you have forgotten (I had) – Gelly Roll pens are outstanding.

I am super excited about hand lettering more! I was impressed with my first project but I know I have room to improve. If you have any suggestions – or requests – I’m open to working on things for others while I improve my craft! Let me know ❤


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